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Hi where can i get / find the correct unity nerve.wad, i have all the doom games in steam i just dont know where the wad is, or is it only in If you could direct me to the correct folder or tell me where to buy the latest version, id be grateful. 

I'm not sure where to find nerve.wad in the newish Unity port, I assume it's in one of the subdirectories where other WAD files are, but the addons all require a account which I don't have.

Here's a page with info on the original nerve.wad, as included with Doom 3 BFG Edition and the older console ports:

Hmm, well i have the Nerve.wad in ":\Steam Games\steamapps\common\DOOM 3 BFG Edition\base\wads" but it throws the ERROR: Couldn't find lump with name INTERPIC so id like to get the nerve_unity_1.3.wad (6ab960ae23430ca2ced7db3edd8075b7e0158f26) but i have no idea where id get it from. :(

The folder you want should be at:

 [path to Documents folder, excluding that folder]\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

So, if your Documents folder is at the default location, then that location would likely be:

C:\Users\[user name]\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

However, if your Documents folders has been moved to, say, "D:\ExtraStuff\Documents", then that location would be:

D:\ExtraStuff\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

Once you find the folder, you should find a file simply named "3"; that's the WAD file you're looking for. Copy that file to your desired location, and then rename the copy.

Hope that helps!

(And in case it's not obvious, you do need to download No Rest for the Living within the Unity version of Doom II first.)

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Thank you! You are a star! Logged into Doom 2 and downloaded the "DLC" found the Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3 (which is not in the Steam\Common folder... which is where all the other .wads are for Doom 3 etc, and was the main part of the issue) found the "3" file (which I would never have guessed was the correct unity wad)... and Boom... um ... i mean and DOOM, there it is, the FULL wadsmoosh mega fileno errors, perfection!

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and for anybody who Reads this and wonders what the full list of files and the oddities to be aware of are:

  1. DOOM.wad  - (Ultimate Doom for the extra levels but the earlier non BFG edition "Uncensored" version)
  2.  DOOMu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  3. DOOM2.wad (Again the earlier "Uncensored" version)
  4. DOOM2u.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  5. "MASTER LEVELS".wad's (20x Separate Level Files)
  6. NERVE.wad (Because Xbox BFG edition Levels)
  7. NERVEu.wad (The Latest 1.3 Version so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  8. SEWERS.wad (Because Xbox Extras - from id games Archive)
  9. BETRAY.wad (Because Xbox Extras - from id games Archive)
  10. TNT.wad (The earlier "Uncensored" and "fixed" version with the restored Key Card, from GoG)
  11. TNTu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  12. PLUTONIA.wad (Because the Rest of Final Doom)
  13. PLUTONIAu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  14. SIGIL.wad (The "non-compatible" v1.21 Version - better for GZ Doom etc, from
  15. SIGIL_Shreds.wad (Because Doom Metal from
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For some reason the Final Doom title card/background is not loading in GZDoom 4.5.0 for me. Do you know of any way to fix this? It ends up loading the Doom II title card/background and I have the Final Doom title card/background set to on.

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out.

Master levels just got some midi music for them, would love to see it eventually make it into this somehow if possible.

WadSmoosh only supports official releases (including Romero's work) that can't otherwise be distributed. That new MIDI pack you should just be able to download and run as a PWAD freely.

I would love to see this also support Free Doom 1/2. After all these years, it feels almost as official as actual Doom does, and I'd love to throw them in there as well.


Why you don't add the doom 64 wad's too? Nice program btw


If GZDoom adds support for Doom 64 I'll consider it. That will be a lot of work on their end, first.


Doom 64 is quite different from standard Doom under the hood. That's why there was a separate project Doom 64 EX and now the official re-release that's available. It would require a ton of work to include into GZDoom, and it would only benefit this single game/wad... it would essentially need to be a whole different "mode" just for this one game.

Any thoughts on including the GBA deathmatch levels? Or that one McGee released?

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Is there a reason why the title screen background is now doom 2's.

My title screen doesnt match the screenshot.


The new widescreen assets included with GZDoom override the WadSmoosh PK3's title screen, and GZDoom treats it like Doom 2 for most intents. I still need to figure out how to properly support the built-in widescreen assets.

Oh ok, the pk3 works fine though! Great tool and very easy to use. Thank you!

hey just in case you hadn’t seen it yet it looks like you can control the widescreen assets with a gameinfo lump

So I used the unity nerve.wad (MD5: 4214c47651b63ee2257b1c2490a518c9) in a full run, and I got this error

Processing WAD nerveu...
  extracting graphics_nerveu...
  ERROR: Couldn't find lump with name INTERPIC

Any advice?

The WADs I've tested with are the ones with these SHA-1 checksums:

It looks like what you've got there is a v1.1 nerve.wad, ie a pre-widescreen-update Unity version.

Ahh thanks

i got the master levels, but it doesn't see them?

Did you copy all 20 WAD files, starting alphabetically with ATTACK.WAD, into the source_wads/ subdirectory before running WadSmoosh?

oh, i need the wads? not just master.wad?


When you buy the Master Levels you get 20 WAD files, it's not an all-in-one thing. Master.wad must have been generated by some other tool, WadSmoosh doesn't support that.

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Hi can this be made compatible with Blzut3's unofficial Master Levels for Doom 2 patcher, so that it also recognises the master.wad that it creates as a master levels collection and simply adds that wad in place of building its own from the level files. Im sure the added flexabilty it has for arrangement of these level will benifit this project. Lots of options from Playstation to Xbox Strict some with or without the secret exit and my personal fav Xaser's Arrangement with the secret exit AND his text and musical choices for each level is a fav of mine.  Also is there a way to get your "Works of the Masters" implemented instead of the Default as that too would be an excellent option.

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You should totally add that "Pistol Start" menu option from Works Of The Masters, as an option for all levels in WADSmoosh, with the Default option only applying to the Master Levels maps...


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sorry for all the deleted osts. can't help it. i am always figuring it out on my own. But, this issue im not sure why it no longer works with gzdoom.

im wondering is doom_complete.pk3 works for gzdoom? caus eit seems no matter the version of the wads. it won't work with gzdoom. 

any idea?

how should SIGIL.WAD file b e name?

will this work for DELTA Touch?

When you say "it no longer works with GZDoom", what do you mean exactly? How are you running GZDoom? Is doom_complete.pk3 in the same directory as GZDoom? Do you see any errors in the console or log when running?

SIGIL.WAD is fine for Sigil, WadSmoosh should detect it under any filenames it's been released as.

I have no idea if it works with Doom Touch and I cannot commit to supporting that.

Normally i would put it in a different folder in gzdoom folder location. 

 gzdoom\campaign wads

it worked well before. 

so i put the file names in target line. iwad doom.wad or doom2.wad an thne it work usually.

so -iwad doom2.wad -file doom_complete.pk3

sometimes it load all episodes an soemtime sit won't

i don't know what i did now. it works now. but, it was a hassle getting it to worked.

Dumb question: does this support the Unity re-release's IWADs for Doom I and II, as well as its downloadable Final Doom, No Rest for the Living, and SIGIL WADs? Another thing, could it be possible to have an option to not have the level author's names appear in the level completion screen? 


No dumb questions!

I do plan to support the new widescreen assets from the Unity ports, and using the Unity IWADs as sources in general, but I'm waiting to see what exactly the next release of GZDoom (4.5, probably) does to support these. Once that's out I'll do a WadSmoosh 1.3 release that piggybacks off that.

I'd like the map authors to only be visible if you're playing an IWAD level, and filed this feature request for it but unfortunately I don't think it can be disabled for now.

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Is there a list available that shows all supported .wad files? Trying to get my doom_complete.pk3 as COMPLETE as possible. I Apologize if this is something readily available that Im just not seeing.

Great Utility, Thanks a lot.

As the top line of the readme says, "Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels, No Rest for the Living, Final Doom (TNT and Plutonia), and Sigil". Plus the two Xbox secret levels, which is really more of an easter egg since they're 1) bad and 2) incredibly hidden in-game.

Awesome thank you. Yeah when I read the comment below where you said the xbox levels worked, it made me think "what else am I missing..?" so i just wanted to make sure that was it.

Thanks again.

Hello! I can't seem to get SIGIL_SHREDS to load with WadSmoosh! I tried dropping it in the 'source' folders, tried renaming it from SIGIL_SHREDS to just SIGIL but none of that work! What do I do?

SIGIL_SHREDS.WAD just contains the music, you need to include both it and the Sigil WAD in the source folder.

Does this support SEWERS.WAD and BETRAY.WAD?

Yes. Just drop those into the "source_wads" folder alongside your doom.wad and doom2.wad, and WadSmoosh will create the same secret exits to them in e1m1 and map02 that are there in the Xbox version.

Extracted v1.22 over v1.21, but on execute it identifies itself as v1.21.  Didn't produce an identical .pk3, assuming you just forgot to bump the version number in the script.

Whoops, yeah that's my mistake. 1.23 is out with another small fix and its version # should be reported correctly.

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