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Game Tourism is playing a game to explore its worlds, without having to worry about combat.

Until now, if you wanted to explore Doom levels without any combat whatsoever your only option was the "nomonsters" command line switch. But this has a few problems: monsters won't spawn at all, making boss levels uncompleteable, and scripted actions that happen based on monster death will never fire.

This mod, for GZDoom 3.0 or later, changes that behavior: monsters still spawn, but they're invisible, silent, and will automatically be killed as soon as they engage you. Situations like the above will function as intended.

This mod also adds some features that let you customize your exploration experience: you can toggle player invulnerability, dim out items or get rid of them entirely, and change how the item collection percentage is tallied during intermission. See the included readme for details.

CategoryGame mod
Release date Jun 20, 2017
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorJP LeBreton
TagsDoom, mod, tourism
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Hi, very nice mod, thanks for share it !

I've included it in my app https://hakros.itch.io/hakros-doom-launcher !


Hm, yeah there are many things a gameplay mod could do that would short-circuit what this mod does. This mod removes DoomWeapons, any DECORATE stuff that extends from Weapon instead of DoomWeapon would make it through. Likewise the monsters auto-kill zscript checks for typical Doom monster states like See, Missile, Melee, and Heal; if a custom monster uses states besides that it would remain alive (but invisible) during gameplay and some of its sounds might play.

I wrote Tourism Deluxe mainly for exploring maps with vanilla Doom gameplay. It's possible there are smarter, more thorough ways I could deactivate/hide non-vanilla monsters and weapons, I'll investigate a bit.

Ahhhh, that makes sense.  Yeah, it's probably custom DECORATE stuff.  Here are the X/Y coordinates for one example from E5M3, confirmed it just before writing this post:

X: around -13500

Y: 10000

Which episode 5 is this? The Lost Episode or...?

Sorry, yes, "Out of the Aeons" in Strange Aeons, https://www.impie.drdteam.org/SA%20Download.zip

That is not dead which can attack sounds make

And with Strangeaeons.pk3 my magic missle take

(Happens a lot in the Episode 5 maps)