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Hm, yeah there are many things a gameplay mod could do that would short-circuit what this mod does. This mod removes DoomWeapons, any DECORATE stuff that extends from Weapon instead of DoomWeapon would make it through. Likewise the monsters auto-kill zscript checks for typical Doom monster states like See, Missile, Melee, and Heal; if a custom monster uses states besides that it would remain alive (but invisible) during gameplay and some of its sounds might play.

I wrote Tourism Deluxe mainly for exploring maps with vanilla Doom gameplay. It's possible there are smarter, more thorough ways I could deactivate/hide non-vanilla monsters and weapons, I'll investigate a bit.

Ahhhh, that makes sense.  Yeah, it's probably custom DECORATE stuff.  Here are the X/Y coordinates for one example from E5M3, confirmed it just before writing this post:

X: around -13500

Y: 10000

Which episode 5 is this? The Lost Episode or...?

Sorry, yes, "Out of the Aeons" in Strange Aeons,

That is not dead which can attack sounds make

And with Strangeaeons.pk3 my magic missle take

(Happens a lot in the Episode 5 maps)