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Requires GZDoom 3.0 or later.

What's the Green Demon Challenge? Here's its origin:

Once you start moving, the Green Demon appears at your start spot and will track you relentlessly, passing through walls and scaling any height. Its touch means C̮̦͘É̺̯̲̼̮̞R͘T̫̣̰ͅA̻̤͎͞Ì͕͕̩͔̦N͏̹̟̬̩ ̨D͖̯̰͕E̢͚A̷͔͉T̫̺̝͖̻H̩͎̦̟̫̥ͅ to you and any monsters that get in its way.

Positional audio on the Demon itself helps you locate it. Headphones recommended!

To make things a bit more interesting, I've added a damage bonus (you deal more to monsters) and resistance (monsters deal less to you) when the Green Demon is within two different ranges of you. So while letting it touch you is bad, letting it get close makes you a terror to all nearby monsters.

Check the options menu for a few customization features:

  • Green Demon's speed: The default is reasonable on most levels, crank it up for a truly terrifying challenge, or crank it down if a level just isn't  possible at the default.
  • Spawn delay: After you move from your starting spot, you'll have this many seconds of head start before the Green Demon appears.
  • Demon proximity bonuses: You can disable the abovementioned bonuses if you feel they detract from your experience.
  • Invulnerability powerup survives: When this is off, the Green Demon will still kill you even if you have an invulnerability powerup active!
  • Demon appearance: Use this to change what the Green Demon looks like.

Install instructions

Open the file "greendemon.zip" or its enclosed "greendemon.pk3" with GZDoom, either from the command line or by dragging the mod onto GZDoom's icon.


green-demon-doom-mod.zip 639 kB
Version 4 Apr 01, 2019

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