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I really love this mod.  Helps add to the the setup I have going for DoomRPG launcher.

So far my feedback is:

  • Most importantly can you add a spawn distance for the greendemon. Spawns way to close in all the maps I've tested so far.
  • Please add the ability to load PNG files as the greendemon from a folder if possible. This would be great for replay value.
  • More effects
    • Heals monsters
    • Resurrects monsters
    • Area of effect
    • Sets entities on fire

Hope to see more from you, this is genius. 

Did the first item:

As far as customizing the appearance of the Green Demon, you can create an additional mod PK3 that loads in on top of this one. All you'd need to do is replace one of the PNG files in the sprites/ subdirectory.

This is a cool idea!