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this mod works bad with unreal gold... there s places in game where we should  to kill monsters. the game stop walkthrouth  without killing.

I played through the game within the past year without encountering any progression issues... is there a specific encounter where you're seeing this happen?

Try this add-on to the game: Unreal Mission Pack I: Return To Na Pali

Around the middle of the game, we go into a large technological rooms  and go down the elevator to a room with no exits. The game is over with your mod, because to continue the game you need to kill all the monsters in this room and only in this case the platform will rise from the ground. And the player will be able to stand on it and go to another location....

Please make your mod perfect if you can!

Okay, so it's a level from the expansion. Do you know the name of the level or area? That would help me narrow down where to look for it.

Hey, I can't make this work on the GOG version, I think I'm not understanding correctly the instructions. I have the .227i patch and I'm putting -Unreal Vortex2?mutator=Tourism.Tourism in the shortcut commands, maybe that's where I'm wrong? Thanks

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The full command on Windows would be "Unreal.exe Vortex2?mutator=Tourism.Tourism", the first bit there is the EXE the shortcut is running, everything else goes in the arguments field if I'm remembering the Windows shortcut properties window layout correctly.

If that launches into the game's first level but you still see enemies, make sure the Tourism.U file is in the same dir as your Unreal EXE. If it launches into the menu, something isn't right about the command line arguments.

I got it to work launching it through steam and using: "Vortex2?mutator=Tourism.Tourism " in the launch command, I just couldn't get it to work without steam, lol Thank you!