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This mod equips a new Finder weapon on slot 8. Pull it out, and the nearest object of certain specified type(s) will show up on your screen, like an "objective marker" in many modern games, even if it's behind several walls.
It's technically cheating, sure, but it feels like an in-game tool, and doesn't completely remove the challenge of finding stuff.

You can configure what the Finder looks for in its options menu:

  • Secret Areas
  • Monsters that are still alive
  • Powerups
  • Health/Armor Bonuses
  • Keys
  • Interactive Walls (Switches, Secret Doors)
  • Level Exits

You can also press alt fire (right mouse button, by default) to bring up a point-n-click configuration panel in-game for changing the same options.

So this could help you, for example, find 100% items and secrets in a map.
Or maybe you just can't find the red key, and feel the IDDT cheat code is too boring.

You can also configure the Finder's range. The default of 2500 units usually works well, but you can change this if you're in a huge sparse map, maybe.

There's also an option to tell GZDoom not to count health and armor bonuses as "items" for the purposes of the item % tally at the end of each map.


Finder view sprite from Chex Quest.

This mod makes use of some cool ZScript code that Marisa Kirisame wrote to convert world space coordinates to screen space coordinates.

CategoryGame mod
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AuthorJP LeBreton
Average sessionA few minutes


doom-secret-finder-mod.zip 13 kB
Version 8 Feb 02, 2021

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Very useful tool but doesn't seem to be able to detect other kinds of secrets such as secret's tied to item pickup.

Love this, but it doesn't work with some weapon mods like BD or PB.

For some reason, when I alt fire, the menu immediately pops up again half a second later. I can't get rid of the menu the second i want it gone.

Hi, sorry for the delay in answering. A few specific questions to help troubleshoot:

Which version of GZDoom are you running this with?

Does it happen with no other mods loaded?

Do you have any non-default keyboard + mouse bindings?

I would have a feature request!

Could you add an option to make it so the tracker only appears in inventory if am_cheat > 0? 

I did this for myself here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxgx4wzvkt0knco/jpfinder_modified.zip?dl=0

This blows up on map exit if your pistol start mod is active also.

Good catch, just released a fix: https://jp.itch.io/doom-secret-finder/devlog/218379/new-build-crash-on-level-exi...

Awesome, thanks!

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Does exactly what it says! This is going to make playing a lot of WADs a lot more fun :)