A downloadable mod

Part of my Game Tourism mod series.

This mod makes the player undetectable, which means enemies will never attack and you can explore the world freely.

You may encounter a handful of situations where the game's scripting or AI do not progress as expected because of the Tourism code. If you think you're seeing one of these cases, type "mutate" at the console to toggle your visibility on, and see if progression continues. This command effectively undoes the visibility change that Tourism does. Type "mutate" again to turn it back on. (In the future I'd like to do a more elegant fix for this that doesn't require any user action, but I need to research more to understand how this might be done. For now this command allows you to work around the issue.)

NOTE: This mod is experimental and not fully tested - use at your own risk, though any danger to your install is quite low. Let me know if you run into progression-blocking problems with this!

CategoryGame mod
Release date Sep 18, 2015
AuthorJP LeBreton
Tagsdeus-ex, FPS, mod, tourism
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


dx1_tourism.zip 2 kB

Install instructions

Copy the Tourism.u file to your DeusEx\System\ folder.
Open your DeusEx.ini (found in the same System\ subfolder) in any text editor and add these two lines to the [DeusEx.DeusExGameEngine] section:


Now you can run the mod in-game by typing this at the console:

open 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland?mutator=Tourism.Tourism

This will load the game's first level with the mod active, and any savegames will retain the mod so you should only have to do this once.

Development log


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Doesn't seem to work at all for me. Loaded the mod and all the guards still see and attack me :(

Were you able to bring up the dev console and run the command specified in the instructions?

open 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland?mutator=Tourism.Tourism

Regardless, do you see any warnings or errors in the output log file (DeusEx.log)? Are there any fan patches you're running the game with?

Yeah, I was able to run the command in the dev console just fine, it just doesn't affect anything once the level reloads.

I checked the log and there's no errors, but strangely enough the log never mentions anything to do with the Tourism mod even though it's in the System folder - surely there should be a mention about it being a loaded package or something? The only patch I'm using is Kenty's launcher/Deus Exe so the game runs properly on my monitor but that's it.

Finally investigated this, and discovered there were two lines in my DeusEx.ini that told the game to load the Tourism.Tourism class. I've updated the Instructions on the mod's main page and in the included readme. Let me know if those steps don't work for you.

For some reason, this breaks in the second visit to Hell's Kitchen (04_NYC_Street). After talking to Paul in his apartment, the barricade to the NSF headquarters is not removed.

Thanks! First thing noticed: the helicopter at UNATCO HQ will not lift off when you enter the area. No effect except for annoying noise there.

This is suuuuuuuper useful for something I'm working on.  Thanks so much!