Build 69: player sprites, new tools

  • New player sprites by Skelegant!

  • Finished implementing two new tools:

    • The Warp Gem can be used to return to your starting point in a level. Using it again at this start point returns you to the last place you warped from. Useful if you need to get back before a point of no return to complete a quest. Be careful though, as it could be possible to strand yourself in user-made levels with particularly tricky progression.

    • The Whispering Tome helps you locate secret areas. Learn to read the demonic numbering system and you can tell how close you are to any secret you haven't visited yet.

Neither of these new tools are strictly required for play; I created them to help you get the most out of your Mr. Friendly experience. Enjoy!

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Version 69 Apr 11, 2019

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