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Mr. Friendly

Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness · By JP LeBreton


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Build 70: new font for Wandering Demon pages
use James "Jimmy" Paddock's "Apostasy" font for Wandering Demon journal pages
1 file
Build 69: player sprites, new tools
New player sprites by Skelegant! Finished implementing two new tools: The Warp Gem can be used to return to your starting point in a level. Using it again at th...
1 file
Build 68: fixes, small HUD enhancements
added options menu item to hide key bind legend HUD quest icon now shows X/Y quests completed tally so you don't have to open the quests screen fixed VM abort (...
1 file
Build 67: added brief notes for modders
Added a file I wrote last year but forgot to add to the ZIP, modders.txt , which describes how to add Mr Friendly-compatible name and description strings for an...
1 file
Build 66: several fixes, small bits of new content
don't consider objects in hidden sectors for item-related quests, eg the weapons in tiny DM-only rooms in TNT map18 when a fishing quest for a dopefish is activ...
1 file
Build 65: a few stability and text fixes
Fixed: crash caused by not clearing sector tool's sector reference on level start Fixed: grid texture not showing up on blank walls exposed by sector tool added...
1 file
Build 64: held item visibility and other fixes
Fixed: held items don't show up since GZDoom 3.7.0 release. Fixed: crafting UI goes away after completing a single crafting quest, leaving any subsequent crafti...
1 file
Build 63: fixed crash after loading a new map with Sector Tool
1 file
Randomly Generated Acts Of Kindness