Build 55: several fixes and improvements

  • fixed crash when stashing a diving fish :O
  • if player is holding something, "focused item" UI text should show that not focused item
  • some new crafted item sprites, collect 'em all
  • when holding and item and focusing another, swap them
  • when opening the quest screen, if current page is an undiscovered or completed quest try turning to a page with an in-progress quest
  • new code to avoid spawning quest items, eg Wandering Demon journal pages, in unreachable areas. this will likely never be bulletproof
  • but it's better now.
  • support non-doom keys, eg heretic (heretic isn't fully supported yet, but it's basically a matter of a few missing assets and all the object
  • names and descriptions)
  • small quest UI improvements
  • fix intermission music in Doom1 using WadSmoosh

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Version 55 Apr 23, 2018

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