Build 59: tons of fixes, prototype sector tool

  • increase collision heights for short items so they're easier to focus
  • roll back status for quests that become un-fulfilled, eg dropping an item
  • fixed spawned-but-invisible crafted item being interactive before you crafted it

  • special journal page for maps with no monsters eg doom2 map30

  • made BossBrains taller so they're easier to speak to

  • fixed crash in maps with no objects or monsters

  • fixed possible crash with quest screen page index, might also fix an unresponsive UI softlock

  • first pass help screen

  • placeholder title pic

  • prototype "sector tool" that lets you raise and lower floor and ceiling heights

  • reduce mouse sensitivity in X axis

  • on non-widescreen resolutions, don't show side HUD icons when other UI is up

  • add the last few missing vanilla doom object names and descriptions (nonsolid variants of gore objects)

  • fixed possible DeadLostSoul crash in e2m5

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Version 59 Apr 26, 2018

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