Playscii 9.15

New version numbering scheme! This is not a major feature release accounting for 8.235 (?) releases' worth of progress - it's simply because Playscii is now 5 years old and any notion of a 1.0 "it's done" release has long since faded in relevance in favor of the ongoing update and maintenance work I've been doing for the last few years. The next minor release will probably be 9.16, and if I ever add or change something really major, that will begin a 10.0 series, and so on. This is mostly for my benefit. Don't sweat it. It's fine.

Several improvements in this build based on feedback from Jazz Mickle - thank you!

Art Mode

  • Mouse wheel and keyboard zoom now track towards cursor instead of zooming towards camera center.
  • Mouse wheel and keyboard zoom are snappier (higher max zoom speed). If you need to tweak these for your own hardware and/or preferences, adjust the InputLord.wheel_zoom_amount and InputLord.keyboard_zoom_amount settings in your playscii.cfg file.
  • "Tap spacebar to toggle picker" is now default, old "Hold spacebar to bring up picker" behavior can still be enabled from the existing Tool Menu item. I think this is better for accessibility (holding down keys is physically taxing for some users) and smooths out a few UI papercuts.
  • Keyboard cursor navigation is now locked to bounds of current document.
  • Keyboard navigation now works as expected from startup, before first mouse movement event has been processed.
  • Keyboard navigation now works and appears as expected when mouse is outside application window.
  • Cursor preview updates properly after picking a new character in the picker.
  • Undo/redo support for horizontal/vertical flip commands.
  • Option on Art Resize dialog to fill new tiles with BG color, defaults to on, uncheck to get old behavior.
  • Pencil Tool now paints foreground color for blank characters - can't remember my original rationale for making it not do this.
  • Small change to startup logging: separate hardware vs software environment detection.
  • Space out non-active documents horizontally, not diagonally.
  • Importer plugins now use existing active art's palette, unless specified by the importer.
  • Fixed issue with adding entries to console command history if history is empty.
  • Fixed crash clicking picker when no active Art is loaded.
  • Edit menu option that will open your playscii.cfg file in an OS-standard text editor ($EDITOR on non-Mac *nix systems).
  • Adjusted existing builtin Atari 8-bit palette so that each of its 16 color ramps have the same number of steps. This might slightly disturb art made with the old version, specifically the last few (brightest) colors in the palette.
  • New builtin color palette: Heretic (from Raven's 1994 fantasy shooter)

Game Mode

  • Base background color RGBA are now properly editable as floats.
  • Sort list of games in "Open Game" panel

Core Tech

  • Upgrade Win32 and macOS builds to Python 3.7.6 with latest dependencies.
  • Win32 build now bundles all Python dependencies into Playscii.exe for a much cleaner application directory. DLLs and required assets and example games are still in their usual locations.

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