Playscii 9.17

  • Added a new "2 color bitmap image" importer that converts to a black and white palette without using foreground-background color swaps. Ideal for producing art that can be exported to plaintext and draw correctly in settings such as monochrome terminals.
  • Character set picker displays the first comment in a set's .char file, if available, as a description for the character set. Added descriptions for all the included character sets.
  • Dev console fixes: don't add blank lines to command history. Fix display issue when pressing enter on a blank line.
  • Game edit mode: fix unwanted object drag after ESC exiting a menu and selecting something.
  • Game mode: if a Character's initial art can animate, spawn it doing so.
  • Enforce a minimum window size of 320 x 240 to avoid some crashes and odd UI issues.

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Nov 02, 2020
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Nov 02, 2020

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