Playscii 9.17.1

  • Fixed: changing a document to a tall character set makes it so you can't pan all the way to the bottom of the document until restarting the application.
  • Updated Windows and macOS builds to Python 3.9.1 and updated all dependencies to latest versions.
  • Removed pdoc (runtime generation of game mode documentation) from Windows and macOS builds. Pre-generated docs are now distributed with these builds. Runtime pdoc generation is still available if you're running from source - if you don't have it installed, it will be greyed out.
  • Adjusted automatic documentation generation process for how pdoc works now.

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win10+ clamped :^(
can i have the previous build dl

By that do you mean, this version requires Windows 10? If so, what OS are you trying to run it from? What's the last version # of Playscii that works on that OS? I can make that version available as a download here, though I can't offer any support for it and don't have a <10 version of Windows to test on.

yes python3.9 sets the requirement
9.16.3 worked fine

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Okay, here's a download of 9.17 which is the last version before I upgraded to Python 3.9:

Like I said, I will not support this version with any backported fixes or improvements or anything. But the pace of Playscii's development is pretty slow these days anyway, so you're not missing out on anything really.

I am still curious as to which version of Windows you're running, just so I know which versions supports what.

thankyou ! !
am on win7 noshame // py39 needs higher

No problem! Thanks for the info.