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WadSmoosh merges your provided Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Master Levels, No Rest for the Living, Final Doom, and Sigil data into a single IWAD file that can be played in GZDoom, with each game as its own entry in the episode list. This makes it very convenient to play all of classic Doom's official releases, and user created mods (WADs) for both Doom 1 and Doom 2, without relaunching the game with different settings. You should only need to run WadSmoosh once; then you'll have the PK3 file that can be used with GZDoom indefinitely.

It's fine if you don't have all of the Doom games, eg you have Doom 2 but not Final Doom - WadSmoosh will package up everything it can find.

Note for those running from the itch.io app: WadSmoosh is a command-line program; it has no GUI or configuration options. See the readme for details on how to use it.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Aug 12, 2016
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorJP LeBreton
TagsDoom, utility
Code licenseMIT License
LinksSource code


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I noticed that "The Lost Episodes of Doom" isn't working with this program, which is an official Episode Pack akin to Master Levels I think. Will support be added to it?


No, it's not an official episode pack.  That's why it was sold as a book with a free disk.  And that's why it's not included.

Ahhh I see. I thought it was official. My bad. 

hi, just wanna say, this is great. super easy to use and semi-needed if you own all the games. anyway once Sigil 2 comes out, (in a million years lol) will this have support added to it? thanks.

Hi, I'm trying to use the program to smoosh my Master levels. I've put all 20 into the proper folder, but the program does not create the file it is supposed to. When I look at the log, it says:

WadSmoosh v1.3


Found in source_wads/:


So, apparently, it is only noticing the first wad in the folder?

Attack.wad is just the file it checks for to see if the Master Levels are present at all, it logs that rather than logging all 20. What does the rest of the log say? Any errors?

FYI you can mirror your repo by adding additional remotes to your local git repo `git add remote <remotename> <repo-address>` and then pushing to the specific remote with `git push -u <remotename> <branchname>`.
It's a nice idea to have public mirrors if you're self hosting git. i.e. github, bitbucket or gitlab

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when I try to run the program on linux (debian 11 running on ChromeOS) I get this error: ./wadsmoo.sh: 2: python: not found

WadSmoosh is written in Python so if you're running it "from source" (which is what that shell script does) you'll need Python installed on the system. I've never used ChromeOS before but it looks like it doesn't include Python out of the box.

(1 edit)

I installed some version of python 2 and 3 and it still didnt work, I only started using linux/chrome os like 4 days ago. 

Try typing just this at the terminal:


and see what appears next. If that actually launches the Python interpreter, quit out of it and type

which python

If that returns a path (eg /usr/bin/python) then try running

python wadsmoosh.py

from the directory where you have WadSmoosh.

Let me know what each of those commands result in. Like I said I don't know anything about ChromeOS specifically but if you're able to get a reasonably normal Linux environment, running programs in python should be straightforward.

I have attached a screen grab of what I see when I run those commands in terminal + other weirdness and from what I know linux runs in a container but google uses the words VM as well to describe it so your guess is as good as mine, I am only on this because well my main laptop died this week and for the foreseeable future this is all I have.


Ahh, okay so it appears that you have "python2" and "python3" executables on your system but it doesn't alias either to "python" the way that pretty much any distro would do. In that case it's probably simple: type "python3 wadsmoosh.py", or edit wadsmoosh.sh to use python3 instead of just python.

Hello, I've tried to play but this message shows up

Forget that, I solved it.

I’ve got an obscure question:

I own a copy of The Lost Episodes of Doom (1995) which is a commercial three episode mega wad. How would I go about shoving “Massacre on Callisto,” “The Killing Fields of Io,” and “Hell’s Gate - The Red Spot” into my wadsmoosh pk3?

Hey, I've tried downloading from https://heptapod.host/jp-lebreton/wadsmoosh but it's not working for me so far. Do you know any reason why this might be occuring? Thanks!


That is the project's source code repository - it's hosted using the Mercurial version control system. If you just want to use WadSmoosh, you should download it from here on itch.io. Even if you're just looking to modify the code for your own purposes, the code is included with the itch download. The only reason you'd want to access the mercurial repo is if you want to create your own fork of the code.

Uh, the red crosses on the berserk pack, medkit, and stimpack are gone, it's replaced with this logo instead:


Those are the medkit etc sprites from the "BFG Edition". If you want the original red cross medkits, use the original (pre-BFG Edition) WADs. If you want the newer green cross ones, use the WADs from the Unity ports. The files are otherwise the same, they just made those changes for legal reasons (IIRC the International Red Cross organization is strict about people using their symbol)

Oh, ok.

Could you make a list of all supported wads and what the wad file name should be? Thanks.


The supported WADs are mentioned everywhere, including the readme: https://heptapod.host/jp-lebreton/wadsmoosh

Is there a particular file of yours it's not recognizing?

No, I just want to use this to the fullest and get all expansions in a single file.

Is there any chance of using some ZScript trickery to allow players to toggle between the Buckethead and Jimmy Paddock soundtracks when playing Sigil?

Could you somehow make the pk3 generated an ipk3?


The only difference between a PK3 and an IPK3 I'm aware of is the file extension, so try just renaming the file.

Ipk3 is basically an IWAD PK3.

The doom_complete.pk3 file WadSmoosh generates has an IWADINFO lump in it, that is what makes GZDoom treat it as an IWAD. There is zero byte-level difference between a version of the file WadSmoosh outputs with a .PK3 extension and an .IPK3 extension. Rename the file if you'd like it to have that extension.

(2 edits)

It didn't generate an IWADINFO lump for me, I checked.

EDIT: It registers the pk3 file as an IWAD now, just needed to change the name back to doom_complete (had it renamed to doom.pk3)

there is a way to run the midi packs of some levels (plutonia masters etc)?

I'm not sure what specific MIDI packs you mean, but further down in this thread I did put together an unofficial, unsupported version of a few of them (for the things WadSmoosh already supports; I don't plan to add any more or do any further work in this direction): https://itch.io/post/4237949

thats 2 are exactly was i was looking for but the links dont work

Your web browser might be refusing to download the ZIP files because my website doesn't use HTTPS. There is no executable code in the ZIPs I link there so the security risk is overstated - you can tell your browser to make an exception just this one time.

After compiling a Doom_complete.pk3 my chaingunners are invisible when firing.  I tried many different combinations of brightmaps and mods and it seems to only be a problem when using the Wadsmooshed PK3.  Anything you've seen before?

If I leave my load order unchanged and I switch to Doom2.wad the chaingunners appear normal.  Only Doom_Complete gives me invisible chaingunners.

Would you mind posting your log file from a session where this happens? From the command line, something like:

gzdoom.exe > gzdoom.log

You can post the contents of that log file to something like pastebin. Then I could see what is being loaded and in what order.

(2 edits)

I did a little bit of digging since i posted and It seems to be some sort of issue when running Wadsmoosh 1.3 with the NeuralUpscale2x_v1.0 mod.  If i disable the Neural upscale everything works as it should.  Best i can tell only the Chaingunner has issues, but all looks normal to me when I start digging around in the actual sprite folder.  Maybe something to do with the Filter naming?

GZDOOM log file

Alright, sorry to keep blowing up the thread, but i spent last night troubleshooting and in GZDOOM 4.5 there's no issue.  As soon as I switch to 4.6, 4.61, or 4.7.1 I get invisible chaingunners but only with the Neural upscale sprites.

I can confirm this on my system, and in fact all Doom 2 sprites (monsters, archvile fire, super shotgun pickup etc) are invisible. I am baffled as to what would have changed in GZDoom 4.6 to have caused this. I'll investigate.

Will Wadsmoosh be updated to include Romero's new One Humanity wad?

It's a map from Sigil 2; once the full Sigil 2 is released (ETA unknown) I'll make a call on whether it gets  to be its own episode in WadSmoosh. Nothing until then.

I keep getting exit code 0x1 on my Macbook. Any idea what that is? It recognizes all my WADs, but then it fails at the end.

(2 edits)

Just curious, what version of macOS are you running? Macs ship with an increasing ancient version of Python and I'm guessing the error is due to that.

If you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty, you could try this:

1. Open wadsmoosh.py in a text editor.

2. Search for the line that reads:

input_func = raw_input if sys.version_info.major < 3 else input

3. Replace it with:

input_func = input

4. Then try running wadsmoosh again.

Let me know if that works or not. I don't have easy access to such a system.

(1 edit)

I'm using Monterey 12.2.1. Unfortunately, it doesn't work . If there's no easy fix on your end, I'll try to just borrow a a Windows computer from someone and do it that way if it's easier. It's not a big deal! The error message is attached if you want to see. 

Also, on Works of the Masters in Waters of Lethe, there are a lot of textures missing. Any idea what's causing it?

I just wanted to let you know that I was able to combine then  after using Boot Camp! Thank you!

(1 edit)

Sorry. I'm hanother issue. I was playing Mines of Titan on Works of the Masters in GZDoom with this load order:  Beautiful_Doom_716.pk3, doom_complete.pk3, masters.pk3. When I got to the exit of Mines of Titan, I got an error.

EDIT: Apparently there are discrepancies with Beautiful Doom. Worked perfectly fine when I took it off the load.

I can't get the program to recognize my Master Levels wad, anybody know why?

The Master Levels are 20 separate WAD files, not one - starting alphabetically with ATTACK.WAD. If your Master Levels WAD is a single file, that's probably a version that was compiled by some or other unofficial/pirated release, and isn't supported by WadSmoosh.

Hi, JP LeBreton! 

There is any way to add "FreeDoom Phase 1 & 2" support to Wadsmoosh!? 

In any case! 

Thanks for this amazing project!

Have a good day!

Will you make a version that supports the PSX levels?

(1 edit)

I realize you've kind of already covered this territory, but I've read through the entire tree of comments here and I feel really uncertain about which files I should include for an "optimal" combination.  I have at least some version of all the IWADs in question (there are multiple versions of almost all of them) but I'm not sure exactly which version of each IWAD is most desirable to create the best version of the output.

Would it be possible to create an "ideal IWAD list", based on the checksum information from these sites?

To minimize the work required on your end (which I certainly want to do), it seems like the most logical process would be for you to collect the ideal IWAD collection in a folder on your own system and then just run sha1sum (or md5sum, etc.) against them and post the checksums.  Then I can easily figure out exactly which version of each IWAD those checksums correlate to (I've already written a tool to do this, as preparation for writing this comment).

(1 edit)

Here are the sha1sums of my source wads. I'm 99% sure these are all just the totally stock last-known-good DOS versions you'd find on Steam or GoG before the Unity port overhaul:

7ec7652fcfce8ddc6e801839291f0e28ef1d5ae7  doom2.wad
9b07b02ab3c275a6a7570c3f73cc20d63a0e3833  doom.wad
3451288383fb16e196f273d9f85d58c1fda97bf4  nerve.wad
90361e2a538d2388506657252ae41aceeb1ba360  plutonia.wad
e2efdf379e1383c4e15c03de89063361897cd459  sigil.wad
9fbc66aedef7fe3bae0986cdb9323d2b8db4c9d3  tnt.wad

as for the Master Levels my sha256sums match the ones on this page: https://github.com/Doom-Utils/iwad-patches/blob/master/master-levels/generate-ta...

(2 edits)

Yikes, I'm really sorry it took so long to reply to this after asking you to do stuff...life kind of got in the way.  blech

Anyway, these are the IWADs you're using, based on those checksums:

Your filename
iwad-patches filename
doom2_1.9.wadDoom 2 1.9
doom.waddoom_ud.wadUltimate Doom (1995)
nerve.wadnerve_bfg.wadBFG Edition
plutonia.wadplutonia_1.9.wadOriginal retail box
sigil.wadn/a (not an IWAD)
Sigil 1.21
tnt.wadtnt_1.9.wadOriginal retail box

That's not the whole story, though.  For example, I have SEWERS.WAD and BETRAY.WAD which WadSmoosh does detect and use.  There's also some stuff about widescreen assets; I'm not sure if I personally care about that stuff since I'm just here for what happens after the menu, but if we're going to be pedantic about it (and I certainly have a pedantic streak :P) then I suppose it's worth bringing up.

There's a comment further down that seems to be a full list of everything, that I somehow missed before; would you mind taking a quick look and confirming that this is the list of all the WAD files you need to "max out" the final output file?


The Master Levels WADs only have one version so I won't clutter up this table with them, but thanks for confirming the checksums.  :)

Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I'm finding that brightmaps of all kinds simply don't work when using the generated doom_complete.pk3


Whenever John Romero releases his Sigil sequel, will that WAD be integrated into this project likewise?

(1 edit) (+2)

Hey, this is probably my favorite Doom mod of all time and no GZDoom install is complete without it in my opinion.  I do, however, have a couple of small feature requests:

1 - Similar to the reintegration of Betray and Sewers, and on the note of Sigil's inclusion, would it be possible to get E1M4b and M8b [Romero's level remakes] included in some way?  I would love to be able to play a 12 level long ULTIMATE version of Episode 1, i.e. maybe have E1M4, then M4b, then play the original M8, then M8b?

2 - Would it be possible to integrate the Community midi packs for Plutonia [Jimmy], Master Levels [Peter Lawrence], and No Rest for the Living [also Peter Lawrence]?  They are excellent midi packs and I think would make each of these collections of levels feel even more "complete", as basically every level would have it's own music.  The master levels pack goes off of the PSN order.  Links to the aforementioned projects as follows:

Plutonia midi pack: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Plutonia_MIDI_Pack

Nerve.wad midi pack: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/119301

Master levels midi pack: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/118804-master-levels-for-doom-ii-25th-anni...

Obviously I know just randomly asking for extra features is something tons of people do, but I think just these two things would make your mod the most complete package of all official [and semi-official] doom content possible, giving almost every level unique music.

Feature begging aside, this really is an incredible project and it has enriched my doom playing experience to an incredible degree over the years.  Thank you so much for your efforts.

[Update: I decided to donate, but please do not think of it as some kind of informal commission expectation or something of the sort, there's no obligation to carry out these feature requests, it was just for what you've already done for both myself and the Doom community with your awesome tool.  Again, thanks, and peace be with you.]

(4 edits) (+4)

Hey, thanks for the donation. Those two things you asked for sounded like they'd be easy to do as PK3 mods, so I decided to see if they were and threw them together:



Load the two PK3s in these ZIPs as regular mods atop WadSmoosh and you should hear all the MIDI packs in their intended episodes, and you'll go to E1M4b after E1M4 and E1M8b after E1M8. You can add them to your "autoloads" list in your gzdoom.ini file if you want them to be loaded every time you launch GZDoom.

I didn't get permission to distribute the MIDI files in those, but I included the readmes in the ZIP, as is standard for most stuff on the idgames archive. If anyone besides you expresses interest in this, I'll actually secure that permission officially.


I've tested it altogether and it does precisely what I wanted out of it.  Thank you so much!  This basically gives me the perfect Doom install I've been lusting after for all these years, this is truly incredible.  I know it may seem less significant due to your expertise but I very sincerely appreciate your efforts!  Thank you!


This is great, Thank you

(1 edit) (+1)

Can you update wadsmoosh_midipacks to include the TNT MIDI Pack as well? And perhaps the version of the Ultimate MIDI Pack that only replaces the duplicate songs?



(1 edit)

could you add .MID the Way ID Did  too?

Could we get another link for this, possibly with the new TNT midi pack as well? The old links seem to be broken.



Are these links broken for you?

I was able to get them to work, thank you

That's awesome!!! Thanks!!!

Thanks - these are great! One question - how can I warp to the Romero levels with IDCLEV? I'm no expert on this stuff but looking at the mapinfo.txt they share the same levelnums - is this the issue?

Try "map e1m4b" at the console (pull it down with the tilde ` key).

Perfect thanks! When I die (e1m8b is pretty difficult) it doesn't restart the map however & just...pauses over my corpse, aside from reentering the map command, is there a standard restart level command or setting I can use?

I thought pressing the use key or fire button would always reload your last save/autosave in GZdoom, is that not happening here? I tried opening the map that way and dying just now and that's what it did... also tested walking through the final portal and "dying" to trigger the E1 finale text, that worked fine too.


Can you add support for "HXDD: Heretic and Hexen Merger" by Lemon King in the next update?


Running the latest 1.3 version through virustotal hits 23/70 antivirus engines that there is a trojan in this code, so I am curious as to what is causing all these engines to trigger this:

(1 edit) (+2)

I use a program called PyInstaller that turns Python code into a runnable Windows EXE. Actual malware authors decided it was a useful tool, and the companies that make antivirus software don't bother to discriminate between malware EXEs made with PyInstaller and legitimate programs. There are dozens upon dozens of closed issues about this on the PyInstaller project page: https://github.com/pyinstaller/pyinstaller/issues?q=is%3Aissue+virus+

If I had any reason to believe that my Windows machine was compromised and might be passing on a virus or trojan via builds it created, I would not release anything until I was certain it was gone. But this is not, nor has ever been, the case. It's frustrating, I wish I could do more. Windows Defender at least has a process by which you can submit your code and tell it to not flag it as a false positive, but most other AV software houses are not transparent.

I have all of the required WAD files in the right place, but the master levels aren't showing up when I run the exe. It runs when I use it with GZDoom, though. Help?

We've talked on Discord before, and your problem is with the Master levels, right? Check what error is outputted.

It doesn't even show up on the initial list when I run the exe, like it does with the other WADs - it shows the file names and the episode list, and master levels isn't on there

I've also tried different file names, like master.wad and masterlevels.wad

Okay so I found the right file name, turns out you have to call it attack.wad. I had to find that out by looking through the code, which nobody should have to do to use a program. Now the problem just seems to be finding the right WAD, since the one I had threw an error and it seems it couldn't find each map.

(1 edit)

I've tried multiple different versions of the master levels WAD, but none seem to work - it says it couldn't find canyon, catwalk, fistula, etc.

I've also made sure that each of these maps are present in the WAD file that I'm using.

 I had to find that out by looking through the code, which nobody should have to do to use a program. 

Sometimes when using a console-based or technical application such as wadsmoosh, you sometimes need to do stuff like that. The problem's been resolved, right?

The wadsmoosh zip is setting off my Windows Defender. It's detecting something in it as "Win32/Uwamson.A!ml"

See this post: https://itch.io/post/3527522

(1 edit)

I'd prefer to have the Doom 1 title screen and music as opposed to Doom 2 (or the twisted faces if I disable game_widescreen_gfx.pk3). How do I change that?

For some reason, whenever I run the .exe, it doesn't generate the .pk3.  The last thing the log says is "copying mapinfo.txt."

(1 edit)

Will you add support for John Romero's E1M4b and E1M8b

You have to use wadsmoosh to compile all the IWADs together and use E1M4b and E1M8b as mods.

This is an old post but just in case anybody else winds up here:

Loading e1m4b.wad and e1m8b.wad separately (as the reply comment below this one says) will replace E1M4 and E1M8 with the new versions, and you should do that if that's what you want.  If you do this, the two WAD files aren't specific to this mod and can be downloaded from any of the usual places.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to play the original E1M4 followed by the new one, and the original E1M8 followed by the new one (so the episode now contains 11 maps total if you count the secret level), then our fearless leader here has created a special WAD to provide that behaviour; this link is to another comment on this same page with the download link:


(1 edit) (+1)

Something else I wanted to ask about, is there any way to make the fan-made Plutonia and Master Levels music packs work with this? If I try to just load the packs' WADs with this mod the songs will not play as intended, they'll play in the regular Doom II levels while Plutonia/Master Levels will just have vanilla Doom II music. It'd be awesome if you could officially add support for including these music packs in the game with this mod.

Deleted 1 year ago

Edit the wads with SLADE3 and replace the MIDIs with the ones in their assigned MIDI packs (which you also open using SLADE3). Then run wadsmoosh and it should work.

(2 edits)

I couldn't get this to work since MASTER (The Master Levels) and NERVE (No Rest for the Living) use the Doom II MUS files. 

Any chance WadSmoosh will ever support mapping either of those Episodes to different sets of music so we can replace them with Music Packs? 

For example, I was able to replace the Plutonia music by renaming all the D_ files to P_. It would be great if all MASTER & NERVE MUS files were prefixed with M_ & N_ respectively.  This would allow us to use their respective community music packs. 


I remember that in previous versions of this mod the menu screen used to be a black and white version of that classic warped faces Doom art alongside the original main menu song, but now both the art and the song have been replaced by Doom II's.

Is there any way to restore these two things to how they used to be?

turn off widepix (or something like that) in the GZDoom launcher.

Thanks, I just deleted "game_widescreen_gfx.pk3" from the GZDoom folder and it restored the old menu art.

I'd still like a way to play Doom 1's music on the menu, though. I really like the menu theme from Doom Metal Vol. 5.

Is there a way to use the plutonia and master level music packs in this?

(1 edit)

Edit the wads with SLADE3 and replace the MIDIs with the ones in their assigned MIDI packs (which you also open using SLADE3). Then run wadsmoosh and it should work.

Hi where can i get / find the correct unity nerve.wad, i have all the doom games in steam i just dont know where the wad is, or is it only in Bethesda.net? If you could direct me to the correct folder or tell me where to buy the latest version, id be grateful. 

I'm not sure where to find nerve.wad in the newish Unity port, I assume it's in one of the subdirectories where other WAD files are, but the addons all require a Bethesda.net account which I don't have.

Here's a page with info on the original nerve.wad, as included with Doom 3 BFG Edition and the older console ports:


Hmm, well i have the Nerve.wad in ":\Steam Games\steamapps\common\DOOM 3 BFG Edition\base\wads" but it throws the ERROR: Couldn't find lump with name INTERPIC so id like to get the nerve_unity_1.3.wad (6ab960ae23430ca2ced7db3edd8075b7e0158f26) but i have no idea where id get it from. :(

The folder you want should be at:

 [path to Documents folder, excluding that folder]\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

So, if your Documents folder is at the default location, then that location would likely be:

C:\Users\[user name]\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

However, if your Documents folders has been moved to, say, "D:\ExtraStuff\Documents", then that location would be:

D:\ExtraStuff\Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3

Once you find the folder, you should find a file simply named "3"; that's the WAD file you're looking for. Copy that file to your desired location, and then rename the copy.

Hope that helps!

(And in case it's not obvious, you do need to download No Rest for the Living within the Unity version of Doom II first.)

(1 edit)

Thank you! You are a star! Logged into Doom 2 and downloaded the "DLC" found the Saved Games\id Software\DOOM 2\WADs\3 (which is not in the Steam\Common folder... which is where all the other .wads are for Doom 3 etc, and was the main part of the issue) found the "3" file (which I would never have guessed was the correct unity wad)... and Boom... um ... i mean and DOOM, there it is, the FULL wadsmoosh mega fileno errors, perfection!

(8 edits) (+2)

and for anybody who Reads this and wonders what the full list of files and the oddities to be aware of are:

  1. DOOM.wad  - (Ultimate Doom for the extra levels but the earlier non BFG edition "Uncensored" version)
  2.  DOOMu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  3. DOOM2.wad (Again the earlier "Uncensored" version)
  4. DOOM2u.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  5. "MASTER LEVELS".wad's (20x Separate Level Files)
  6. NERVE.wad (Because Xbox BFG edition Levels)
  7. NERVEu.wad (The Latest 1.3 Version so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  8. SEWERS.wad (Because Xbox Extras - from id games Archive)
  9. BETRAY.wad (Because Xbox Extras - from id games Archive)
  10. TNT.wad (The earlier "Uncensored" and "fixed" version with the restored Key Card, from GoG)
  11. TNTu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  12. PLUTONIA.wad (Because the Rest of Final Doom)
  13. PLUTONIAu.wad (The Unity Version just so smoosh can take the widescreen stuff)
  14. SIGIL.wad (The "non-compatible" v1.21 Version - better for GZ Doom etc, from Romero.com)
  15. SIGIL_Shreds.wad (Because Doom Metal from Romero.com)
(1 edit)

For some reason the Final Doom title card/background is not loading in GZDoom 4.5.0 for me. Do you know of any way to fix this? It ends up loading the Doom II title card/background and I have the Final Doom title card/background set to on.

Edit: Nevermind I figured it out.

Master levels just got some midi music for them, would love to see it eventually make it into this somehow if possible.

WadSmoosh only supports official releases (including Romero's work) that can't otherwise be distributed. That new MIDI pack you should just be able to download and run as a PWAD freely.

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