WadSmoosh 1.3

  • Recognize the Unity-based official Doom port IWADs same as the BFG Edition IWADs. The recently released GZDoom 4.5 properly supports the widescreen title and intermission screen assets added to these IWADs back in September.
    • Please note that running any earlier version of GZDoom with a doom_complete.pk3 generated with these widescreen assets may produce visual errors.
    • Also note that GZDoom 4.5 includes its own optional pack of widescreen assets by Nash Muhandes in a file called game_widescreen_gfx.pk3, intended for free use without needing to own the Unity WADs. You don't need to do anything with WadSmoosh to use these new assets, just include that optional pk3 as you would any mod when loading GZDoom.
  • Add support for smooshing the Unity IWADs as "addons", ripping only the widescreen assets but keeping everything else from the original IWADs (NIN secret in E4M1, etc). To use this feature rename your Unity port doom.wad and doom2.wad to doomu.wad and doom2u.wad, respectively, when you place them in source_wads/ alongside your original doom.wad and doom2.wad. If you only have the Unity IWADs, leave them with their original names and WadSmoosh will treat them as Ultimate Doom and Doom II, respectively.
    • Add same support for the widescreen assets in nerve.wad, tnt.wad, and plutonia.wad. Rename these to nerveu.wad, tntu.wad, and plutoniau.wad respectively.
  • New widescreen title screen graphic.
  • Add new par times for E1M8, E2M8, and E3M8 from the recent Unity port update.
  • Bump ZScript version number required to 4.1.0 to reflect the built-in functions used. This requirement has been the case since the WadSmoosh 1.2 release, this change just makes it give a more comprehensible error message.


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Version 23 Nov 03, 2020

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There's a really weird thing going on after I downloaded this new version. The executable wadsmoosh.exe does not open. After double clicking, right clicking execute, execute as administrator, nothing happens! Rebooted the PC and still no action!

New suggestion: how about adding in the filename doom_complete.pk3 the version of wadsmoosh that was utilized? Like doom_complete13.pk3


Do you have any sort of antivirus running on your system? Windows Defender should allow WadSmoosh to run but other AV software might not, and they don't have a process by which I can get it cleared for safe use.

Changing the IWAD filename would invalidate savegames, break config.ini paths, and a few other undesirable things. But if you want to manually rename your generated files and manage that on your own, feel free.

LOL. True, I could just rename that for myself!

But the program now has stopped working. I don't use antivirus software besides windows. I have an app installed to be able to access my bank account but it was always here in the past months and I used wadsmoosh many times. Other than that only windows updates. I recently uninstalled everything to clean up the folder, fresh start the new GZ Doom 4.5.0 and when I tried wadsmoosh... got surprised!


Make sure your Windows Defender is up to date, it works off a regularly updated file of malware "signatures". Shortly before I released 1.3 last week I submitted it to MS as a false positive and they sent me an email saying it had been removed from detection in the latest definitions.

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When I launch doom_complete.pk3 (from WadSmoosh 1.3) with GZDoom v.4.5.0, only the start menu has an actual widescreen asset from game_widescreen_gfx.pk3, but it's not even the correct WadSmoosh background- it's the doom 2 titlepic. Also, at the end of every level, Nash Muhandes's widescreen assets are supposed to appear but they don't... Am I doing something wrong or does WadSmoosh not support game_widescreen_gfx.pk3...?

Hmm, yeah it looks like game_widescreen_gfx.pk3 doesn't have a filter directory for wadsmoosh. I'll look into getting this fixed in official channels, in the meantime you can use this file I cobbled together quickly to assess the problem: http://vectorpoem.com/doom/wadsmoosh_widescreen.pk3

Everything seems to work, except for NERVE. So whenever you're going to get it patched into official channels, make sure you have that also filtered since I'm pretty sure NERVE just reuses Doom 2's intermission screen.

Yep, I don't believe Nash has done a widescreen version of the Nerve.wad intermission screen yet.

Wouldn't it be the same as Doom 2's intermission screen? So just for the sake of WadSmoosh, couldn't you or whoever else is involved just reuse Nash's doom 2's intermission screen for NERVE? Unless they are two different intermission screens that I don't know about...

The Unity port version of nerve.wad does have a widescreen intermission screen. If you want to make that file I linked use Doom 2's intermission for NRFTL as a stopgap, duplicate the file interpic.lmp with the name nvinter.lmp.

this is only for unity correct? do i need to rename mine? i don't have unity.

The Unity WADs are completely optional, though if loaded in the "source_wads" folder, you can use the widescreen-specific assets from these rereleases.

i see. hmm. i may considered ater down the road.