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The .pk3/.log files aren't being placed in the same folder as the .exe file; they are being placed in C:\Users\<windows account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\<folder name for wadsmoosh files> along with a folder named pk3.

I ran it multiple times and triple checked the root folder with the .exe; the only reason I was even able to find the .pk3 at all was because I ended up performing a search on the entire C: drive for it.

Is there any way to fix this, because it's particularly annoying?

Hmm, I'm not sure what's going on here and could use more info. How exactly are you running WadSmoosh? From the itch app, from the extracted ZIP, or something else?

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I extracted the contents of the .zip file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Wadsmoosh and run the .exe from there.

I'm not 100% sure but I think modern Windows security practice is to not let applications write to any files in c:\Program Files\. It wants to keep a strict separation between programs and the data (settings, documents) they generate. I would suggest extracting and running WadSmoosh from a directory that you have full, non-administrator read/write permissions for. That should allow WadSmoosh to output the PK3 to the same directory.

I noticed when playing Doom on Bethesdia Launcher recently, they added a new addon titled "Double Impact". I hope there might be an update that also includes that and others featured in their news articles titled "Nods to Mods", from Eviternity to WInter's Fury and more. I hope those episodes could be added to WadSmoosh in the next update, along with Romero's E1M4B and E1M8B Maps as Secret Maps accessible from E1M4 and E1M7/E1M8 respectively. And let's not forget about PSX-Exclusive Maps as Secret Maps. I also hope it will not be Compatible with Brutal Doom, Project Brutality, and all the other Terry-Themed wads made by Verbal Criminals on the web such as the recently reported user named "TiberiumSoul" who was infamous for Tiberium Doom, and Insanity's Requiem MK1 and MK2.

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How can I add Sigil? It doesn not detect it when I put it in the sopurce wads folder

Edit: Nevermind, I found out

Why is my episode select screen not using the original red letters?


How do I go from Doom 1 to Doom 2 maps & ect using console commands? In Doom 2 e1m1 goes to Doom 1 & I've tried to go e6m1 & nothing happens

Doom2 maps have the same names they do in the original IWAD, so try "map map01"

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Will a future version of WADSmoosh come with a font of its own, for use with the new Authorname functions of GZDoom/LZDoom? Ideally similar to what was present in previous iterations?

Also, is it possible to merge both Hexen and Deathkings of the Dark Citadel into a unified .pk3, sort of a "Hexen Complete" if you will?

UPDATE: Seems someone on Doomworld had the same idea, though his method involves using a hex-editor along with SLADE to get the job done...

Any news on a Version 1.14?

Is there any particular changes or fixes you're looking for in an update?

I saw on your Bitbucket that you did a commit with the message "added the new sigil exit texture" I was just assuming that there is some type of incompatibility with Sigil's 1.21 update. This is my first time playing doom in a couple of years. I am replaying Doom from start then will play Sigil and I was hoping any bugs would be fixed before I get to playing SIGIL. 

Ah yes, thanks for reminding me I had some changes that hadn't made it into a release yet. 1.14 is up now.

Glade I was able to help!😀 I am downloading new version now.

Also, will the downloads section of Bitbucket be getting the new version?

Just uploaded it there.

This is an odd question, but do you ever plan on supporting third-party doom engine releases (Heretic, Hexen, Hacx, etc)? It'd be neat to have all of them bundled into one big IWAD

As far as how GZDoom thinks about all its supported titles, everything Doom is all a single "game" and Heretic, Hexen, and Strife are all separate games, and it's not possible to have them all coexist within a single session.

Ah, that makes sense. Thank you!

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I have a request, if that is alright.  I would like Wadsmoosh to detect the state of censorship, and to offer the choice to alter the appropriate wads to the user's preference. 

 Below are two ways to decensor (and censor)  the Classic DOOM wads, so that you can analyze them or ask permission for incorporation into Wadsmoosh.

Thanks for hearing me out - and even more so for Wadsmoosh.  It is lovely to play nearly all of Classic DOOM with a single file.  :)

don't bring politics into discussion please, that is his beyond technical limits. there is nothing he can do around that, don't bring unnecessary discussions please.

I don't see why this is beyond JP's ability, considering that there are various changelogs that include the editing of levels for better compatibility or accuracy.  Further, I do not see how my request is political:  I requested the ability for users to decide whether or not there is censorship.  That is inherently apolitical, because people on either side can determine for themselves what is appropriate and tweak the game accordingly.

I don't have any interest in doing this, sorry. If you want an IPK3 with or without the Nazi content etc then provide the appropriate IWAD files and (re)run WadSmoosh.

Fair enough.  :)

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what Does SIGIL_shreds not found mean?

can you add: the lost episodes of doom & back to Saturn episodes 1 to 3 please?

Sigil_shreds.wad is the extra WAD file included with the paid version of Sigil that includes the Buckethead soundtrack. WadSmoosh reporting it not being found isn't an error, it's just telling you which source wads it can and can't find.

Regarding BTS etc, from the ZDoom forum thread:

"Note: With the sole exception of SIGIL, non-official content, even stuff that was sold at retail by random companies like the Lost Episodes, is not supported! People in this thread have customized WadSmoosh to do this but it's outside the scope of what I wrote WadSmoosh to do and I have no intention of supporting it. Also please note that you don't need WadSmoosh to merge non-commercial content! Use a WAD editing tool like SLADE3 instead."

SIGIL received an update yesterday and wadsmoosh no longer recognizes the wad (Sigil_v1_2).  Any plans for future support?

Yes, I've already committed a fix to the code depot and would like to have a build out soon. No ETA yet. The fix is simple enough you can apply it to your existing install with eg Notepad:

Oh, I see you're talking about simply the filename change. Rename SIGIL_v1_2.wad to SIGIL.wad and WS should recognize it.

Haha yeah, but I appreciate the quickfix too.  I wasn't even aware of that issue, so thank you!

is the LZDoom supported for this version?

Nice update! Thanks!  (Ver 1.12)

How do i add master levels to doom_complete? i forgot how to do it. do i 

Just copy ATTACK.WAD and the other 19 WAD files (Canyon, Blacktwr, Virgil, etc etc) included with the Master Levels into the same subfolder "source_wads" as you have doom.wad, doom2.wad etc, and run WadSmoosh. The window that pops up should show "The Master Levels" in the episode list.

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oh i see, i thought i had to put them in a folder, opps. thanks. also, is there only 20 files for master levels or 21? i saw teeth wad is suppose to be a two part one? or no?

Also, can you make one for wolfenstein 3d and its 3 expansion packs too?

TEETH.WAD contains two maps, so yes it's 21 maps across 20 files.

Wolfenstein 3D is totally different tech and totally different file formats, so that would be a whole other kind of project for someone else who knows about those.

i see thank you for your help:) cool project though, i enjoying it:)

My pk3 has both Master Levels and Sigil as cluster 24, which leads to the Master Levels ending with Sigil's music and endtext.

Darn, good catch. Next version should fix this.


After I run the wadsmoosh.exe I can't seem to find the PK3 it's supposed to create. Should it be in the base folder? 

Yes, all the IWADs are in the right place so I don't think that's the issue.

Do you see any errors in your wadsmoosh.log after running?


Look closer. It's in the same folder as wadsmoosh.exe and can hide in plain sight with how much is already in there

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This was happening to me; I had to perform a search on the entire C:\ drive to find where they were being put.

Try looking in C:\Users\<windows account>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86) and you should see the name of whatever folder you created to house the wadsmoosh files

This is SO COOL. I was just trying to put together my own SuperWAD that does this, but was failing miserably. Broken textures and whatnot.

Will this add Plutmidi.wad if it's put into the folder? Or do I need to modify and add it myself?

Also a version that turns it into a standard iWAD instead of a PK3 and without ZDoom stuff so that other source ports can support it would be cool. Although that's simple enough to do with SLADE, it would be cool for this to become the equivalent to Doom 64 EX's WADGEN and Complete becomes the defacto Doom iWAD for every source port

You should be able to make a WadSmoosh-compatible version of plutmidi.wad by renaming all the lumps inside to P_TRACK instead of D_TRACK.

What WadSmoosh produces is an IWAD, PK3 just denotes the format used (ZIP instead of the classic WAD format).

Much of what WadSmoosh does, with regard to defining custom episodes, intermission screens, and texture replacements is due to ZDoom functionality that most source ports don't have. If there's a source port that has equivalent features (maybe Eternity?) and someone wanted to make a fork (not a branch) of WadSmoosh that produced an all-in-one IWAD for that, they'd be welcome to - WadSmoosh's code is released under an MIT open source license - but I only use GZDoom so that's all I'm willing to support. 

That makes sense. Anyway, the point I was attempting to make stems from wanting (near) universal compatibility with this. No PK3 format, since many source ports can't handle the zip format, or Mapinfo, since that would be the job of the sourceport. But, if that isn't your goal, then that's just the way it is.

However, do you think that future versions could add in device-exclusive official maps? Sush as by extracting the maps from the GBA ROM and PSX ISO? That's st least in-line with the goal of the project. 

PSX, GBA, Jaguar etc versions of maps already exist as freely available (painstakingly manually reverse engineered, as I understand it) PWADs, so I'd say just run those as mods.

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Why my episode screen (above) is not like yours with orignal red and big font?

Thank you and congrats for your great job!

Would it be possible to make a wad like this for Crispy Doom?

Unfortunately no, much of what WadSmoosh does is only possible thanks to various ZDoom-only features.

Is it possible to have them all be run in sequence, without episode skips?

I made a mod for just that!

Great utility that makes it trivial to play the official Doom maps, especially Master Levels for Doom II, which was a hassle to get to work in a source port, and works as it should (starting out with only the pistol on each level).

It even incidentally let me know about a Doom campaign that I had no idea that I owned, No Rest for the Living, which comes with the Doom 3 BFG edition on PC.