Playscii 0.9.9

Art Mode:

  • Horizontal/vertical flip operation for Art documents
  • added Macintosh II color palette

Game Mode improvements:

  • Fireplace example game, with documentation
  • added GameWorld.pause_music and GameWorld.resume_music
  • added GameWorld.allow_pause for disabling player pause control entirely
  • added GameObject.mouse_wheeled for handling mouse wheel movement on hovered objects
  • added CharacterSet.get_solid_pixels_in_char for getting visual density of a given character
  • small fixes to "autoplay" mode ie game distribution
  • fixed a None vs 0 confusion logic bug in Art.write_string

platform work:

  • some groundwork for running Playscii on the Raspberry Pi 2/3 - doesn't work at all yet; if you've gotten a PyOpenGL program running on the Pi please let me know how you did it!
  • support GPUs without Vertex Array Objects (as part of above), possibly loosening system requirements
  • more tolerant GLSL version detection
  • better shader compile error logging
  • handle possible GLU.gluProject exception in vector.world_to_screen

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May 29, 2018
playscii_mac-0.9.9.dmg 16 MB
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May 29, 2018

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