Playscii 0.9.11

Art Mode:

  • Give a useful error instead of crashing if user tries to export an image larger than their hardware's max supported texture size. Log the max supported texture size on startup.
  • Fixed art layers with a Z greater than 1 not showing up in PNG image exports
  • Ignore "inactive layer visibility" setting when exporting images
  • Fixed crash in "img" console command if image file not found

Game Mode:

  • Added GameObject.consume_mouse_events, objects with this set true will prevent any more mouse event handling from other objects being clicked/wheel'd
  • Fixed bug in GameObject.get_edges for objects with non-default art_off_pct_x/y values
  • Locked game objects properly handle mouse clicks and wheel movement when edit UI is off (aka "play mode")

platform work:

  • Fix shader errors on macOS introduced by some Raspberry Pi work from beginning of this year

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Oct 29, 2018
playscii_mac-0.9.11.dmg 15 MB
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Oct 29, 2018

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