WadSmoosh 1.2

  • Fixed various issues with the ways certain user WADs defined custom skies for Doom 2 levels. New, simpler ZScript-based detection and substitution logic replaces the old ACS-based method.
  • Properly detect SIGIL under any of its released names, eg SIGIL_V1_0, SIGIL_V1_1, SIGIL_V1_2, SIGIL_V1_21. Creates a copy in source_wads/ with the expected name of "sigil.wad".
  • Fixed episode listing appearing in the smaller GZDoom built-in font instead of main Doom menu font. Thanks TwelveEyes.
  • When playing a map with a Doom 1 style ExMx name, swap in alternate versions of BRNPOIS and NUKEPOIS that are the correct sizes, in case any user made levels depend on that difference.

  • Changed the included graphics (eg menu title, episode names) from 32-bit to 8-bit so they work correctly with palette mods.
  • Windows EXE uses latest 32-bit Python 3.7.8.


wadsmoosh-win-linux-mac.zip 4 MB
Version 16 Jul 17, 2020

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