WadSmoosh 1.21

  • Safely clean up anything in pk3/ working subdirectory from any previous runs. Only remove files that WadSmoosh has placed there. This prevents any issues that could result from a previous run's files getting included into a new PK3.
  • Added a note in the WadSmoosh Options menu about each compat option requiring a level restart.
  • Include a new custom GENMIDI lump that replicates Doom II's OPL instrument sounds but better preserves the Doom1-specific guitar sound (specifically, General MIDI instrument #31, "Distortion Guitar") heard in tracks such as D_E1M1 and D_E1M8. If you are one of the very few people who feels strongly about this, simply delete the file GENMIDI.lmp from the "res/" subdirectory and re-run WadSmoosh, and you'll get the previous behavior.


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Version 17 Jul 25, 2020

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this has been added to the new wadsmoosh update?

If GZDoom v3+ is the best choice for WadSmoosh,
will it work on Zandronum v3+ as a seperate project?

Yes, it should work with Zandronum 3+ but you'll have to make one small change to your doom_complete.pk3: open it up in a ZIP archive editor and remove the file "menudef.txt". This removes the three options menu compat flags WadSmoosh offers, but they shouldn't be necessary.